Management & Operations

With AMS providing aircraft management and operations services, you benefit from the advantages of owning a business jet while putting the myriad management details in the hands of experts.

We can offer a complete management and service package for your aircraft or provide individual services, depending on your needs. We can provide experienced crew members. We can supplement your staff with specialized expertise, if necessary. Or we can tailor a package that includes services when – and as – you need them.

Overseeing Maintenance

With safety always our top priority, we'll manage all scheduled maintenance, flight checks, and performance testing for you. AMS works closely with the aircraft's service centers in the U.S., as well as in Latin America, South America, Canada, and Europe. We have 24x7x365 access to technicians, parts, and information to keep your aircraft in optimal flying condition.

Managing Insurance Placement and Coverage

We will assist your internal staff with aircraft insurance or manage placement and coverage for you. We often provide clients with recommendations about hull value, appropriate liability limits, deductibles, and special features such as war risk and hangarkeepers coverage. If a claim is made, we can manage the claim process for you.

Optimizing Expense Management

Owning and operating a business jet is not inexpensive, but the temptation to cut corners in the name of “saving money” can actually compromise safety and reliability. We will work with your corporate accounting personnel to manage expenses and provide required reports while assuring that service- and safety-affecting features are not compromised. Thanks to our network of industry contacts, we can negotiate favorable discounts on fuel purchasing, aircraft servicing, and ground handling services. AMS is accustomed to paying bills and tracking transactions for all aspects of aircraft ownership, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Monitoring Regulatory Compliance

Keeping current with FAA regulations and aircraft maintenance requirements can be a full-time job for a specialist. Rather than putting this specialized skill set on your payroll, AMS includes compliance monitoring with aircraft management services. Whether that means important safety updates or simply knowing the curfew time for jets at a local airfield, we assure your compliance.

Providing Executive Travel Support and Scheduling Assistance

AMS can make arrangements for ground transportation from the airport to your destination and back, as well as for special amenities such as hotels, conference rooms, and other services if necessary.

Providing Experienced Flight Crews

The right crew is indispensable to a successful flight department. Not only must they be expert aviators, they must also be able to fit in well with your company's culture, values, and demeanor. We ensure the best possible match between you and your crew with the goal of creating a long-term, trusted relationship. For more information about crew search and placement, click here.

For more information about aircraft management and operation services, contact AMS directly at 360.834.2211 or